Fire Extinguisher Training

Fire Extinguisher ImageMore than 200 fires occur in U.S. workplaces on an average day. Annually, those fires kill 200 workers, injure 5,000 more, and cost American businesses well over $2 billion. Unfortunately, there are dozens of ways for workplace fires to start—chemicals, electricity, flammable liquids, combustible materials, compressed gases, smoking, even poor housekeeping.1 Whether in the home or the workplace, portable fire extinguishers are the first line of defense against small fires. However, having a fire extinguisher available is only part of the safety equation. Properly trained employees can make a huge difference in whether a fire is contained or your workplace goes up in smoke.

AMIC/MWCF's Loss Control Division offers live fire extinguisher training using the latest available technology: the Intelligent Training System (I.T.S.) from BullEx. This training is intended to promote correct fire extinguisher use by every employee and is, therefore, not exclusive to fire departments.

Trainers can select from class A, B or C fires at four different difficulty levels or instantly re-ignite the flames using the flare-up button to challenge trainees. Through innovative, patented technology, I.T.S. provides clean, safe and cost effective extinguisher training. The system senses where the trainee aims and sweeps the SmartExtinguisher and varies the flames automatically. The SmartExtinguishers are recharged quickly and easily with only compressed air and water. An emergency-stop switch on the handheld controller and a motion sensor that shuts down the flames instantly if the system is bumped or knocked make BullEx live-fire training systems one of the safest live-fire simulators in the world.

For more information, or to schedule fire-extinguisher training at your workplace, contact Todd McCarley by email or at 334-657-8505.

Fire Extinguisher Training Flyer

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