document Take-Home Vehicles

In Police Standard Operating Procedures

A Take-Home Vehicle program which assigns law enforcement vehicles to officers to be used to commute to and from work benefits officers by providing them with a reliable and convenient form of transportation. The municipality, the public, and the police department benefit by enhancing public safety through increased presence and visibility in the community, enhancing the rapid response of off-duty officers to designated emergencies, and enhancing the ability of officers subject to frequent callback to respond more effectively. Additional benefits include enhancing the level of vehicle performance and appearance through a scheduled preventive maintenance program, reducing vehicle mileage per vehicle and per‐mile maintenance costs while increasing the life expectancy of the vehicle, and providing additional incentives to enhance recruiting opportunities. It is recommended that departments include a written policy on the use of take-home vehicles by employees to prevent misuse, increased liability, or other related issues. These procedures should include any pre-requisites for assignment of a take-home vehicle, limitations on usage and occupants, and other conditions or responsibilities of the assigned employee. PSOP-003, Vehicle, Take-Home, Police