document Duty to Intervene and Report

In Police Standard Operating Procedures

Department personnel have an affirmative duty to intervene and report to appropriate supervisory authority if they observe or become aware of any department personnel, or a member of another law enforcement agency, engaged in an unreasonable or excessive use of force, or involved in conduct that is unethical, or clearly violates the law or department policy. This policy should clearly state that officers have a duty to intervene to prevent or stop the use of unjustified or excessive force by another law enforcement officer or civilian employee when it is safe and reasonable to do so. This policy should further state that officers shall not encourage or conceal these incidents and shall report these incidents to a supervisor as soon as practical. This SAMPLE SOP establishes general guidelines regarding intervention and reporting of incidents including use of unreasonable or excessive use of force, along with officer and supervisor responsibilities. Intervene, Report, Duty, PSOP-022