Firearms Training System (FATS)


The Firearms Training System (FATS) is an excellent training tool designed to develop and sharpen a police officer's discretionary skills as well as reinforce conflict resolution abilities.

As our society has become more violent - and the scrutiny on police officers more pervasive - the need for judgemental firearms training has become more crucial. FATS utilizes digital interactive training technology, allowing officers to develop decision-making skills by responding to real-life scenarios where force may be necessary.

Contact the Loss Control Division at 334-262-2566 or email Donna Wagner to find out when FATS will be in your area. To request the FATS system, click HERE and complete the online form. Depending on availability, Chuck Burns, FATS Coordinator for the Loss Control Divison, will deliver the system and provide instruction on how to use the equipment. Loss Control representatives are not certified firearms instructors (CFI). They will not, in any manner, attempt to teach the force continuum. That responsibility will lie with the CFI, and the League highly recommends that such training originate in a classroom and progress towards the use of FATS.

Pricing for FATS training:
AMIC Member - $25.00 per person
MWCF Member - $25.00 per person
ALM Only Member - $35.00 per person
Standard Rate - $55.00 per person

Video  |  FATS Flyer  | FATS Request Form


 View the FATS in action below

 FATS Coordinator Chuck Burns explains and demonstrates the FATS system -