Employment Practices Hotline

Employment Practices HotlineThe experience of both AMIC and MWCF has shown that hiring and dismissing employees is an area of increasing litigation. In an effort to assist our members in properly and legally performing this task, an Employment Practices Hotline was launched on July 1, 1998. The Hotline FAQs below explain how to effectively use this popular service. Hotline Flyer

Hotline FAQs

 1. Who is eligible for this service?
Those entities currently insured with AMIC for casualty coverages or MWCF for workers compensation.

2. Who will furnish the service?
The firm of Porter, Porter & Hassinger, P.C. of Birmingham, Alabama has been retained to furnish this legal advice for our members.

3. How do you contact this firm?
You may call toll free at 1-800-864-5324.

4. Who may act for the entity in using this service?
For a municipality, only the mayor or his or her designated representative may make inquiries through this service. For an incorporated entity other than a municipality, only the chief executive officer or his or her designated representative may make inquiries through this service.

5. What topics can be addressed by this service?
Only questions that concern personnel practices will be taken. The question must involve the hiring, firing or discipline of an employee or group of employees. This would include questions concerning personnel policy and employee manuals.

6. How will the service work?
The initial call will be answered: "Municipal Employee Hotline." The caller will then be asked a series of questions to determine their location; who is calling; and the exact nature of the call. The initial call will then be terminated and the information will then be verified to make sure the caller is eligible to receive the service; the caller is an eligible person; and that the topic is within the scope of service. Once this has been determined, an attorney with the firm will return the call and consult with the caller about his or her inquiry. This entire procedure will be carried out as promptly as possible.

7. What is the extent of the service?
A member is entitled to 30 minutes of legal service for each SEPARATE inquiry. If the response requires more than 30 minutes, the member may extend the use of the service at the member’s own expense.

8. What about the ineligible question?
If the question is not within the scope of the service, as determined by the attorney at the firm, the member will be referred to the legal staff at the Alabama League of Municipalities.

9. What is the relationship between the municipality and the law firm?
When a call is accepted, the member entity (not the individual) becomes a client of the firm for the purpose of the call and the attorney/client privilege is activated. Only information about the call that is necessary for billing purposes will be given to the respective insurance funds.

10. What inquiries will not be accepted?
Basically, the question must pertain to employment practices. However, this can sometimes lead to a question of coverage, that's not an eligible inquiry. Questions on coverage or insurance contract language should be referred  to the respective insurance fund (AMIC or MWCF).


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We ask that you use the service wisely and well.
Call only when you have a real need for help.